Dear fellow Oregonian,

I am running for Secretary of State to restore the public’s trust in the integrity of the office and make progress on the key challenges we face.

Trust is key. Trust is what you are giving someone when you cast your vote for them. It’s shaking your neighbor’s hand and believing in only their word because it’s the best thing they can give you. It’s not something I take lightly. It’s what I am asking for from you and what we, together, will demand from the office of the Secretary of State.

This is my promise to you. You can trust me and my experience. I want to tell you a bit about what I want to do as Secretary of State. You can read on to learn about my priorities. But none of them will mean anything if they are just words on a website. I will make them more than just words on a screen. You can trust that. 

– James

We can trust james manning to...

Work for Accountability & Results

As Oregon takes on the housing affordability crisis, homelessness, addiction, and climate change, it is critical that the government works effectively and transparently. Applying his experience leading an investigatory team as an Assistant Inspector General in the U.S. Army and oversight responsibilities in the Oregon Senate, James Manning will make certain the Secretary of State's office is ensuring accountability for results through auditing of state and local programs.

Protect Our Democracy

With our elections under threat from those seeking to undermine our democracy, we need a Secretary of State with the expertise to defend us against these threats. As a leader with deep experience in protecting our nation, we can trust James Manning as our Secretary of State to protect our elections. He will defend our cherished vote by mail, protect automatic voter registration, and ensure our elections are conducted according to the highest standards with transparency and accountability.

Ensure Everyone can Participate in Our democracy

We are strongest as a state when all Oregonians can participate in our government. James Manning will be a champion for ensuring Oregonians from all backgrounds and communities can participate in our democratic process.

Create Shared Prosperity

Helping local businesses grow and thrive creates opportunities for Oregonians to build wealth and achieve prosperity. James Manning will ensure the Secretary of State’s office provides equitable and responsive support for businesses across Oregon.

Recognizing Our Full history

Who we are today rests on the legacy of those who came before us. As the manager of our state archives, James Manning will ensure that we recognize the full history of the many people that have made Oregon what it is today.